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“Do What Is Best for the Client.”

I have been serving Medicare eligible individuals and their health insurance needs since 2010. My business philosophy has consistently been “Do What Is Best for the Client.” Honesty is what you will recognize when you work with me.

My years in the business have provided me with an understanding of the Medicare market and the related insurance needs of seniors. Currently, I am on Medicare. Consequently, I have experience in the industry from both the professional and personal perspectives. While I know a lot, I don’t pretend to know everything. When a client asks a question for which I don’t know the answer, I will do the research, find the answer, and get back to the client.

My time is free! I receive commissions directly from the carriers that I represent. There is no difference in the premiums you pay whether you enroll directly with a company or through me. By choosing to work with me, you get services that you would never receive from a company or company agent!

I don’t believe in high pressure sales techniques. I will never sit at your kitchen table and push to get you to sign on the dotted line. I will always live up to my business philosophy. That’s a promise!

John Knepper and Katie

John Knepper is the founder of Sycamore Agent. He has been an independent agent, licensed in the State of Illinois since 2010 providing clients with life and health insurance.

Illinois License Number: 15709438


University of Minnesota
BA – Economics

University of Arkansas
BBA – Business Administration
(Earned while serving in the Air Force)

Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management
MBA (MM) – Finance and Accounting

Military Service

United States Air Force
Captain; Missile Combat Crew Commander – Titan II ICBM

Community Service
Former School Board Member
Direct Care Hospice Volunteer


Do You Have Any Questions?

If you have questions regarding any of the policies I offer, conditions for the policies, or a current policy you might have, please call me at any time!


Sycamore Agent



Judy, formerly from Marengo, Illinois. Just wanted to leave a few thoughts about John. John has been incredibly devoted, as he searches out and has provided us with a perfect medicare supplement. We have always been eager to recommend John’s services, to our family and our friends. We trust John and he is more than an agent, he’s a friend. Thanks, John.

Judy | Marengo, IL


This is Frank, and I am also speaking for Janet, we live in Addison, Illinois. We signed up for social security, but after that we didn’t know what to do. So, we got a mailing from John, in the mail. And it was the best representation of all the mailings we received for supplemental insurance. So, we went with him because you don’t know what you don’t know. He did a good job, he got us a good deal. And thanks for your efforts John!

Frank & Janet | Addison, IL


Mike, from New Baden, Illinois. I purchased a medicare supplement from John Knepper. I was an insurance broker for 30 years and I was never as thorough or worked with anyone as conscientious as John. I would highly recommend him for any of your insurance needs, especially for medicare supplements.

Mike | New Baden, IL


Sandy from Sycamore, Illinois. John Knepper has been very knowledgeable about helping my husband and I to choose our insurance policy. We trust him for choosing the best policy of all the ones available, and he is very friendly. Yes, I have recommended him to other people as well. Thank you!

Sandy | Sycamore, IL


I recommend John Knepper, he is a great insurance agent. When I turned 65, I was quite overwhelmed when I started getting information about signing up for Medicare. And then all the insurance agencies started bombarding me with their plans and their costs. Needless to say I was quite overwhelmed. My bother Jack recommended John, as he has been using him for his agent for quite a few years. And I called John and he walked me through all the steps that I needed, recommended the best plan that he thought was best for me. I couldn’t be happier. So if you are looking for a good agent that will tell you how it is and help you pick out what exactly you need, I recommend calling John Knepper. Thank you

Eileen | Elwood, IL


Mary, from Fairview Heights, Illinois, And I’ve been a customer, of a client of John Knepper, for three years now and have been very pleased with his service. And he is always available to help me whenever I need his assistance. I haven’t had any issues because John is such a good agent. he takes good care of his clients. He deserves a lot of credit. Thank you!

Mary | Fairview Heights, IL


Jack from Grayslake, Illinois. John has been my insurance agent since 2011. And he’s helped both me and my wife for our supplemental insurance and also my wife’s RX plans. He’s a great person. He’s not a pushy person. And he’ll anything to help you get a good policy.

Jack | Grayslake, IL


Linda, from Crystal Lake, I want to thank John, for his excellent service over the years. He is honest, straightforward, always trying to offer a plan that would fit my budget and my needs. He always keeps in touch and he lets you know about the insurance companies and their changes and the less expensive companies to deal with. It’s a pleasure to work with him. He spends time, he answers questions and he really cares about his clients. Thank you John!

Linda | Crystal Lake, IL


My name is Rick, from Elgin, Illinois. I’ve been working with John Knepper, over the past three to four years. In my retirement transition to the medicare insurance coverages. I’ve found him to be prompt in his responses, knowledgable in the medicare coverages and very wise in advising me options for medicare insurance. He provides a wide range of companies to work with. He always is accessible and I feel I can trust him to get me the proper information. I would highly recommend his services.

Rick | Elgin, IL


Mary, I am from Chicago. Navigating the complications of Medicare, Plan B, drug plans, supplementals. He was very helpful, very patient and explained everything to me thoroughly. I have given his name to many of my friends, knowing that he can help them too! Thank you!

Mary | Chicago, IL

Licensed by the State of Illinois.
License No: 15709438

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